5 Best Keyboards for Android Phones

This post contains best keyboards for Android. The best thing anybody will love about Android is its ability to be customized according to one’s wish (Read: 9 Aspects of Android Customization). You can change almost everything inside from a Wallpaper to Icons, how the messages and contacts should appear, even the keyboard.

I am listing few of the best third party keyboards which add extra features and improve your android experience even more.

Here are few best keyboards for Android

Keep The Windows Updates Turned Off If You use Limited Data Plan

I always keep the Windows Update turned off because it sucks over 500 MB every week which is higher is actual usage for a week. And I am on a data plan, Which Means I’ll pay for 1 GB (out of which is sucked by my OS). 

It is true to keep the Windows up to date but most of the updates are just useless and I would suggest you to turn it off if you use a Limited data plan.